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Fred Tabsharani




Fred Tabsharani is a former member of the Berkeley Rotary Club in the 1990s, and then a member of the Alamo Rotary where he was an active and valued participant and earned his first Paul Harris Fellowship. Over the course of Fred’s 20-year career in technology, he’s managed global marketing operations for an email infrastructure company and successfully launched and sold two startups. He’s written over 400 blog posts garnering more than 2.5M views on highly authoritative domains such as CircleID.

Fred is currently the CEO and Founder of Loxz Digital Group, a progressive technology company that provides extremely fast (fractions of a second) inferences and deploys models to the email service provider network and law enforcement. Fred’s abilities, coupled with a digital operating model for Loxz, help him focus on managing systems rather than managing people in a remote-only work environment. His main focus is to facilitate efficient data science teams to build, supply, and deploy models to deliver accurate predictive analytics.

As a recognized machine learning thought leader and publisher, Fred holds a BA and MBA from John F. Kennedy University and five AI/ML certificates, two of which are from UC Berkeley School of Information. Fred is a member of the AAII Orinda Investment Club and is a National Armenian Basketball Champion. Fred's 10-year tenure as a member of the prestigious Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group has been a defining career moment for him. This group controls most of the online messages around the world and what goes into your inbox or spam. Fred is also a founding member of the Academy of Motion Pictures and a Founding Member of 1950 Society of Donors that launched Sequoia Hospital in Redwood City, CA.

Welcome back, Fred!