COVID-19 Interest Group

Introduction - What is the Berkeley CIG?


Our purpose is to foster discussions and help our club members understand the science and data relating to COVID-19 especially as it impacts our community. We meet on Mondays at 4PM by Zoom conference calls to discuss topics such as trends in confirmed cases and mortality in the Greater Bay Area, the need for testing and types of tests available, the latest in treatments and progress in clinical trials for vaccines, and the mental health aspects of our new social circumstances.  If you want to join these Monday 4PM zoom calls, contact Tina Etcheverry

Core Members 
Pate Thomson - MD, Cardiologist, Chief of Cardiology Alta Bates Medical Center
Arlin Peters - MS, Process Engineer and Design Consultant, role at Chevron
Tina Etcheverry - PhD,  Biochemist, former CMC Team Leader for Development of Clinical Stage Drugs (Genentech)
Eva Gero - PhD, Immunology, former SRA at NCI-Hungary/The Netherlands and Centocor, Jensen Biotech
O’Neil Dillon - MD, Board Certified Psychiatrist
Austin Henderson - PhD Computer Science, Human-Computer Interface Design (Xerox and Apple)
The opinions expressed and the calculations provided on this website were based on data derived from public sources.  However, these are our opinions and our attempt to assimilate multiple viewpoints.  We do not pretend to be experts in the infectious disease field but bring our expertise from our prior training in science, engineering and medical fields to these issues as interested viewers.



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 Mar 31, 2021
   John Pardee, Tina Etcheverry, et al.
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