Presidents of the Berkeley Rotary Club


  Year Name Resigned District Governor Rotary International President Deceased
  2021-2022 Arlene Marcus (PE)        
  2020-2021 Chris Ahoy (P)        
  2019-2020 Fred Fassett        
  2018-2019 Beth Roessner        
  2017-2018 Tina Etcheverry        
  2016-2017 Maxim Schrogin        
  2015-2016 Anne Pardee        
  2014-2015 O’Neil Dillon        
  2013-2014 Grier Graff        
  2012-2013 Phil Henry        
  2011-2012 Reg Garcia        
  2010-2011 Fred Collignon   DG    
  2009-2010 Judith Glass        
  2008-2009 Rosemary Mann        
  2007-2008 Bob Randal        
  2006-2007 Mary Alice Rathbun        
  2005-2006 Pate Thomson        
  2004-2005 Ed Church        
  2003-2004 Larry Goldenberg        
  2002-2003 John M. Ferguson        
  2001-2002 Larry H. Bush resigned      
  2000-2001 Jeffrey S. Leiter resigned      
  1999-2000 Jeanne Cherbeneau resigned     deceased 
  1998-1999 Scott H. Paine        
  1997-1998 Barbara D’Anneo resigned      
  1996-1997 Glenn Fuller       deceased
  1995-1996 Peter Campbell        
  1994-1995 Steven E. Holland       deceased 
  1993-1994 Mario H. Barsotti       deceased
  1992-1993 Richard E. Erickson       deceased
  1991-1992 Paul E. Harberts resigned     deceased
  1990-1991 Carl J. Loftesness       deceased
  1989-1990 Theodore S. Ockels       deceased
  1988-1989 William S. McCullough       deceased
  1987-1988 R. Scott Sherman resigned     deceased 
  1986-1987 C. Fillmore Humphreys       deceased
  1985-1986 Robert L. Olson resigned     deceased
  1984-1985 Alvin C. Hamre resigned     deceased
  1983-1984 Michael J. Koll       deceased
  1982-1983 Richard M. Betts        
  1981-1982 James F. Gallardo resigned      deceased
  1980-1981 Melvin R. Jessup       deceased
  1979-1980 Steven H. Oliver        
  1978-1979 William R. Davis       deceased
  1977-1978 John G. Pugh       deceased
  1976-1977 Edward F. Strong       deceased
  1975-1976 Gordon D. Griffith resigned     deceased
  1975-1958 F. Marion Smith       deceased
  1974-1975 Dr. Donald B. Horner       deceased
  1973-1974 Alan P. Fraser        
  1972-1973 Clyde Wilson-Reid       deceased
  1971-1972 Dr. Eugene C. Darnall       deceased
  1970-1971 John L. Siegle       deceased
  1969-1970 Joseph H. Jevons, Jr.       deceased
  1968-1969 Robert G. Eaneman        deceased
  1967-1968 Fred J. Joyce, Jr., resigned DG   deceased
  1966-1967 Robert S. Barkell       deceased
  1965-1966 Dr. F. Haywood Norton       deceased
  1964-1965 Clifford L. Dochterman resigned DG RI  
  1963-1964 James Comfort Smith resigned     deceased
  1962-1963 Melvin Wittich       deceased
  1961-1962 Lloyd D. Bernard   DG   deceased
  1960-1961 Merlin W. Drucquer   DG   deceased
  1959-1960 Everett D. Howe       deceased
  1958-1959 Arthur Hargrave       deceased
  1956-1957 R. C. Staats, Jr.       deceased
  1955-1956 Peter C. Jurs       deceased
  1954-1955 Stanley E. McCaffrey resigned   RI deceased
  1953-1954 Wallace J. S. Johnson       deceased
  1952-1953 Herman A. Spindt       deceased
  1951-1952 F. Linden Naylor       deceased
  1950-1951 Burton A. King       deceased
  1949-1950 Carl F. Briedenback       deceased
  1948-1949 Dr. Joseph A. Sciutto       deceased
  1947-1948 Robert Sibley       deceased
  1946-1947 Vere V. Loper       deceased
  1945-1946 Raymond M. Young       deceased
  1944-1945 Harold Ellis       deceased
  1943-1944 Ellis A. Stokdyk       deceased
  1942-1943 Wm. Meinheit       deceased
  1941-1942 Clinton W. Evans       deceased
  1940-1941 Oliver Youngs       deceased
  1939-1940 Clifford B. Radston       deceased
  1938-1939 Gerritt VanderEnde       deceased
  1937-1938 Fred C. Hutchinson       deceased
  1936-1937 Redmond C. Staats       deceased
  1935-1936 Herman F. Swartz       deceased
  1934-1935 George Friend       deceased
  1933-1934 Luther A. Nicoles       deceased
  1932-1933 John M. Atthowe       deceased
  1931-1932 E. J. McCullagh       deceased
  1930-1931 I. B. Taylor       deceased
  1929-1390 Chas. D. Heywood    DG   deceased
  1928-1929 Clarence W. Page       deceased
  1927-1928 Monroe E. Deutsch       deceased
  1926-1927 Charles L. Biedenback       deceased
  1925-1926 Herbert S. Howard       deceased
  1924-1925 Paul M. Jones       deceased
  1923-1924 Arthur W. White       deceased
  1922-1923 Carleton B. Joeckel       deceased
  1921-1922 Charles S. Lamb       deceased
  1920-1921 F. L. Naylor       deceased
  1919-1920 Robert G. Sproul       deceased
  1918-1919 Neil E. Munro       deceased
  1917-1918 E. A. Mitchell       deceased
  1916-1917 George L. Schneider       deceased


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 June 16, 2021
   Dan Lieberman, Marketing Director,
     East Bay Community Energy

   "EBCE’S First Three Years:
     Producing, Sourcing and
     Collaborating to Achieve
     East Bay Renewable Energy
     and to Fight Global Warming"

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