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Amit Randhawa




Amit Randhawa, born in Punjab India, moved to the Bay Area at age one and a half. He grew up in neighboring Hercules. After completing high school in Hercules, he enrolled at Diablo Valley College and then transferred to UCLA to complete his Bachelor’s degree with a double major in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology and Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution. Following graduation, Amit returned home to the Bay Area and began working towards a career in medicine, beginning by acquiring EMT licensing. With some first-hand patient care experience, he started volunteering weekly at RotaCare Richmond. While there, his passion for working with the underserved was ignited. After two years of volunteering at the clinic, he took on the paid role of Clinic Operations Manager and has been working in that role since 2018. He has relished the opportunity to give back to his community and plans to continue working in the nonprofit healthcare field long-term.

In his free time, Amit likes to balance a life between the outdoors and indoors. From the first time he picked up a caterpillar he has had a passion for wildlife and nature. He enjoys hiking, camping, and exploring the Bay Area’s many natural wonders. Most recently he has picked up the hobby of wildlife and landscape photography. When he’s not outdoors he loves to spend his time reading, playing board games with friends and family, and competitively gaming against the world. He is recently married, to Erameet Sidhu (Era), in March 2022.

Amit has worked with the BARSHEEP Rotary Clubs often in the past few years and has always been impressed by their ability to create and support projects—especially the Berkeley Rotary Club. Now, Amit hopes to join his like-minded fellows at Berkeley Rotary and work together to provide service to others.

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