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Ilya Khanykov

(Anglicized: Elia Honeycove)




Ilya Khanykov is a technology entrepreneur with an impressive academic and professional resume. He graduated from business school in the UK, obtained a Ph.D. in Economics in Russia with a focus on strategic planning, and has a professional qualification in Applied Neurophysiology, focusing on designing bio- and neuro- feedback training programs. Ilya spent 10 years in carbon trading and greenhouse gas emissions mitigation projects in Eastern Europe. Later, as an angel investor and serial entrepreneur, he advised entrepreneurs through the Silicon Valley Insiders program for technology startups. An occasional speaker at international conferences and educational programs, Ilya today is a Founder/CEO of Bartini, Inc., based in Cupertino, a company that develops electric aircraft with vertical flight capability that can be used privately or for chartered travel.

His hobbies include playing guitar; yoga; reading in science, technology, and humanity; and storytelling. He believes that art (and stories) set human civilization apart from the evolution of other species. His initial club interests include the Climate Action Committee and the Communications Committee.

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