The Berkeley Rotary Club
Reynolds Scholarship, Pardee Family Fund, Rosalyn Chan Memorial



Needs based
Up to $4000 annually
Application Deadline: March 2021

Now part of Berkeley Community Scholars' High Hopes Scholarship Programs


The Berkeley Rotary Club offers 4-year scholarships to deserving students who otherwise might not be able to attend college.

The program is based on need, as well as scholastic ability, community involvement and potential.
Scholarships include mentoring support for 4 years.
The scholarships are reviewed annually based on academic performance.
They are available to senior students attending any high school in Berkeley.
The application deadline is March 2021.
Personal interviews are required; interviews will be held in early May, 2021.
Apply on the BCS High Hopes Website.
Rotary questions: contact Tina Etcheverry.


A portion of these scholarships has been generously funded by James H. & Margaret Johns Reynolds
and the Pardee Family Fund and members of the Berkeley Rotary Club.

Berkeley Rotary Scholarship 20th Anniversary Program

The Scholarship committee members, and scholars from over the years,
present the history of the BRC Scholarship Programs.


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