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How to apply for a Berkeley Rotary Grant                                                   

What Berkeley grants support:

Berkeley Rotary Grants recognize the goals of The Rotary Foundation of providing support to local groups and international projects that promote the ideals of peace and service.

Berkeley Rotary’s local grants have assisted youth programs, elder programs, helping seniors and those with disabilities, improving community facilities and parks, serving low-income residents,

and support organizations that enhance community-building and education.  Berkeley Rotary is especially interested in projects that build community and promote local partnerships. Many projects have a hands-on component in which Rotarians can volunteer.

Berkeley Rotary’s grants for projects outside of our immediate area have assisted victims of disasters nationally and internationally, and supported communities in developing facilities that enhance community-building and education.

Grant, Rotary Sponsor required

Grant applications must be submitted through a Berkeley Rotary member, who serves as the “sponsor” of the grant. If you need a Rotarian sponsor, please contact the Grant Co-Chairs a minimum of three weeks before the submittal deadline and they will attempt to find a sponsor.

Grants requests without a Rotary sponsor will NOT be considered.

Grant Financial and Time constraints

The grants are typically small-scale, short-term; with a 1 year completion deadline.

There are no specific financial limitations. Prior grant requests have been funded in the range of $500 to $6,000. Grants that are part of a Rotary District or Rotary Foundation Global Grant are typically larger and are multiyear grants.

Except in unusual circumstances, Berkeley Rotary approves grants for only one year at a time and will generally not consider more than three consecutive grants towards the same/similar project. This procedure allows Berkeley Rotary to allocate and disburse grants and meet the needs of multiple grant requests. 

Grant Application Deadlines
Berkeley Rotary has 3 grant cycles annually. Berkeley Rotary is on a fiscal year July 1 – June 30.  Applications must be sent electronically to the Rotarian Sponsor and the Grants Co-Chairs by the following deadlines: June 15, October 15 and February 15. Grants are approved at the July, November and March meetings of the Berkeley Rotary Board.


Minimum Required Information is contained in this application form

Berkeley Rotary Grants guidelines     

The entire application must be submitted electronically. Your application must contain a Project Summary of the grant request that includes the PDF completed.

The request may include additional information, as follows:

Additional Information in support of the Grant Application  - no page limit

  • Detailed Project description
  • Benefitting organization: Overview of recipient organization, including information about its programs and how this grant will affect the recipient.
  • Status of project: Project schedule (include when funding is needed, fundraising schedule, if applicable)
  • The role(s) of any cooperating organizations.
  • Are volunteers involved? List source of volunteers and their roles. Are Rotary volunteers needed?  Are other Rotary clubs, Rotaract or Interact involved?
  • Project Budget: List costs for (1) materials & supplies, (2) personnel, (3) travel, (4) other expenses (itemize);
  • Project Funding, list all other sources of monetary and in-kind support and whether confirmed or pending.
  • How will the project be funded if Berkeley Rotary does not participate?
  • How will Rotary be included in the publicity for the project?
  • How will Rotary’s contribution be recognized (plaque, newsletter, brochure, other)?
  • If applicant is a nonprofit organization, attach list of current board members
  • Brochures from the recipient, project literature, and photos are all useful in explaining the project.
  • Occasionally, the Rotary Grants Committee may invite the applicant to make a presentation as part of the application process or send Rotary members to make a site visit.

The Rotary Club of Berkeley has provided leadership for 100 years in supporting community projects. Grants are funded by the Berkeley Rotary Endowment, a nonprofit 501c3, ID #94-2758098.  Please contact the Rotary Sponsor or the Grants Co-Chairs if you have questions about the application process.

Berkeley Rotary Grants Co-Chairs

  Kurt Hauch; [email protected];       510-531- 0666
  Grier Graff; [email protected];           510-653- 4500


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