For over a century the members of Berkeley Rotary have contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours of volunteer hands-on effort to programs and projects in Berkeley and worldwide.

Here are some highlights of our contributions over the last fifty years.
1955: International Peace Grove established in Tilden Regional Park District

1966: The Berkeley Art Center: Built and donated to the City

1996: YMCA of the Central Bay Area: donated $400,000 for construction of the downtown Berkeley facility

2000: Berkeley Public Library: donated $90,000 for construction

2001 – present: Distribute hardcover, color-illustrated dictionaries to each 3rd grade student in the Berkeley public schools

2005-06: Berkeley Marina's Shorebird Park: Donated funds and rebuilt the park to observe Rotary lnternational's Centennial year

2006-07: Hurricanes Katrina and Rita: Led national effort to raise money and donated over 5,000 hours in rebuilding New Orleans's (Warren Easton High School) most successful school serving minorities; Assisted storm survivors resettling in Berkeley; ran phone banks raising money for the Red Cross efforts

2013: Berkeley Public Library: Funds for furnishings