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Chrisopher Anderson   Christopher Anderson

Realtor, BH & G/ Mason McDuffie.  Years ago, Christopher came to several meetings as the guest of our club president  and was quite impressed with all that Berkeley Rotary did.  After that, since he was living and working in other locations, he joined Rotary clubs in Calistoga and Pleasanton.  Upon moving back, he became a Berkeley Rotarian in January 2016. 

"What you guys do - and what we do now - is amazing.  Berkeley Rotary is notoriously wonderful, and I was and am so impressed.  When I moved here, it was Berkeley Rotary for me.  Many people talk about doing good and then walk away.  Our club puts its dollars where its mouth is.  So far I've worked at the Kite Festival and Dollar Days at Golden Gate Fields (club service projects and fund raisers).  My favorite of all is the dictionary project (the club delivers dictionaries to all third graders in the city's public schools). I love the unabashed joy of the children.  We have even more going on than I could have imagined.  If a friend told me he wanted to join, I'd say, 'Run, don't walk.'"
  Kathy Huff

Executive Director of the Berkeley Public Library Foundation, joined in April 2016. Formerly she was a private consultant, a director of a YWCA family crisis center in Cincinnati, and the founding director of a touring theatre company in Maine. Kathy holds a Masters of Divinity from Harvard and is an ordained Unitarian Universalist minister who spent 18 years serving  congregations. When she was in high school, she spent a full school year as a Rotary exchange student in Wellington, Australia.  

"I was familiar with Rotary before becoming a member of the Berkeley club and already knew it as a powerful agent of change. I was eager to join the club in the community where I worked and be a part of a service organization consistent with my values.  I've worked on the dictionary project, distributing dictionaries to Berkeley's third graders.  Going to the schools and giving the children dictionaries and talking about Rotary was wonderful.  Several times a month I go to Berkeley High and meet with the Interactors ('pre-Rotarians').The kids lead the meetings, raise money, do service projects, and run leadership activities. We support them.  I will soon be working with the Grants Committee, reviewing projects for the club to fund. Berkeley Rotary offers something for everyone, no matter what your interests. I've been surprised that it's so much fun! I didn't quite expect there'd be such a delightful sense of fellowship."
Jocelyn Pittel   Jocelyn Pittel 

International Project Developer and Consultant who specializes in fundraising to create public-private partnerships for economic development. She has held senior executive positions in the private sector, given her breadth of knowledge in finance, business and organizational structures. Jocelyn wanted to work on more international projects and went to the Rotary International website. Rotary International referred her to Berkeley Rotary, which she joined in May 2016

"Berkeley Rotary is a great place to create a path to service. I work with another club member connected with St. Vincent de Paul to expand food and shelter options for homeless people ages 18-24 in the YEAH (Youth Engagement Advocacy Housing) program in Berkeley. I am working on getting additional psychologists to provide services as well. I enjoyed cooking Christmas dinner for 30 YEAH clients and am working with the club's housing assistance group and on fund-raising and developing projects in partnership with Rotary and other organizations. I have a commitment to social needs and social impact projects. The passionate dedication of our club members to create meaningful projects is remarkable."
Austin Henderson   Austin Henderson 

Retired Human-Computer Interaction Researcher and Manager, with a focus on doing research on people using machines (in Europe, it's called "cognitive ergonomics").    Over a four-year period, Austin attended half a dozen Berkeley Rotary meetings with his neighbor, a former club president.  He was impressed by the high quality of the weekly speakers, the number of club activities, and the people he met.  He joined the club in May 2016. 

"It's a great source for interesting talks.  And it's a great place for projects that help the city of Berkeley, the district, and the world.  I've worked on the Kite Festival and Dollar Day at Golden Gate Fields ( community service and fund-raising projects) and am co-leader of a program team that presents top-notch speakers.  I provide a range of technical support for club events and the club's communications committee.    The work I've done is tied into my lifelong interests in building systems with users.  We need to collaborate with the people we're helping to keep our work sustainable. We need to enhance technology so users themselves can evolve it to meet their changing needs. It's fun to be part of that with and for Rotary."
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