May 24, 2017
Islam: Faith, Practice, Socio-Political Implications
May 31, 2017
The Underground Scholars Initiative: A Pathway to Education at UCB
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Raise the Bar this Wednesday
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Raise the Bar
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Contact: Sallie Weissinger
Promoting Peace Through Courageous Democracy
At last week's meeting Brooke Deterline, CEO of Courageous Leadership, gave an overview of a Courageous Democracy pilot program that will be offered to approximately 50 interested Rotarians this summer, possibly as part of Rotary’s Promoting Peace efforts.
Brooke shared a short summary of our current political situation in the US: Today we have the greatest reported divisions and ill will between people of ideological and cultural differences, and at the same time, the greatest uptick in reported interest from Americans to get involved (many for the first time) in building a more caring, inclusive, and sustainable democracy. However, many people also report feeling woefully ill-quipped to do so.
The Courageous Democracy Pilot Project will test the effectiveness of adding an evidence-based component for “courageous conversations and courageous collaboration” (open-hearted and open-minded conversation and collaborative action across difference) to a civic engagement program by bringing together two local Rotary clubs from different parts of California, with divergent backgrounds and ideological perspectives.
Rotary Clubs were chosen as one of the first community settings for the pilot program because of Rotary’s unique attributes and history. Rotary focuses on membership and service--building relationships, shared identity, and shared societal goals and values. Many Rotarians are also business and community leaders with significant influence.
In the next few weeks Maxim will be emailing a link to club members who wish to apply for the pilot.
News From Our Members
We are sorry to say goodbye to two very special club members – Fumi Suzuki and Linda Loessberg-Zahl
Fumi Suzuki pulled up stakes in Kensington and moved to Rossmoor earlier this Rotary year. She wasn’t up to commuting through the tunnel to attend Berkeley Rotary so decided to transfer her membership to a club closer to her new home. We wish Fumi the best in her new residence and her new club. She will still be part of Rotary District 5160 so we hope to see her again soon.
Linda Loessberg-Zahl recently announced her retirement as pastor of the Epsworth United Methodist Church on Hopkins Street in Berkeley.  She and her husband, who is also retired, will be moving in the next few weeks to Woodland, CA. Linda is very interested in continuing community service in the Woodland area and says she will explore Rotary through referrals given her when she announced her move. We hope to see her again at District 5160 events in the future.
Alex Glass is recovering from back surgery in the rehab center at Piedmont Gardens, Room 3301, located at 31 Linda St. in Oakland (across the street from the Piedmont Theater). Judith reports that Alex loves having visitors as there are long stretches of just sitting around. Don Alter and his wife Peggy live close by so have been to see Alex a couple of times. Check with Don if you need better directions of how to get to see Alex in his temporary rehab living quarters. You can also reach Alex on his cell phone at (510) 910-4968.
Larry Kinsey is away for a few weeks for his annual heart transplant check-up at the Mayo Clinic in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Doctors are always eager to keep tabs on the “miracle man” heart transplant patient. Give Larry “welcome back” greetings next time you see him.
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