Mar 22, 2017
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Mar 29, 2017
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Club Meeting
Mar 22, 2017 12:15 PM
Peace Grove Ceremony and Tours
Mar 24, 2017
10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
District 5160 Conference
Mar 25, 2017 – Mar 26, 2017
Club Meeting
Mar 29, 2017 12:15 PM
Let’s All Throw a Party
The District Conference is just a week away. It’s a given that the party will be fun, the speakers will be inspiring, and the ideas we’ll glean from the House of Friendship and the breakout sessions will be thought-provoking.
But what about our visitors from throughout District 5160? Will they see Berkeley in its best light? By welcoming them with open arms, we can show them that Berkeley Rotarians are the most welcoming, genuine folks in the district.
Please help by wearing your “I’m from Berkeley” button all the time! Our role as ambassadors/hosts is not restricted to a morning or afternoon shift—It’s a state of mind. We hope people will see those buttons and ask us questions, but please reach out to anyone who looks a little lost. You might be able to help them, and at the very least they’ll have a happy memory of a close encounter with a Berkeley Rotarian.
Some tips:
  • We are hosts; we should feel responsible for the comfort of visiting Rotarians as if they were guests in our home.
  • Be aware of people around you: Are they alone and looking lost?
  • Make eye contact and smile as you pass someone. An occasional “Hi, welcome to Berkeley” would be effective.
  • Field complaints graciously. Don’t get defensive! Simply listening and acknowledging the problem is the easiest/best way to handle it. You might agree with them, but try to put a positive spin on your response.
  • Have in your pocket a few nearby Berkeley favorites to recommend: The best view or café or bar—like the new Tupper and Reed on Shattuck. We will have a list of recommendations at the next two meetings as well as maps of the campus and the downtown.
  • Once the program comes out (you’ll get an email) study it for a few minutes to see where the breakout sessions will be held, then locate them on a map. This could be a very useful exercise. The Sergeant at Arms team—wearing red vests—will be the first-line information battalion, but the more we know, the more we can help.
  • Have fun! We are all looking forward to hanging out with our Berkeley Rotary friends, but making new acquaintances and getting to know people from Redding or Burney or Orland will broaden our perspective and open us to new experiences. This will be a great District Conference!
On the road again...
For the past year, Joan Collignon has accompanied her husband Fred (aka “The Guv”) as he visited Rotary clubs throughout District 5160. Armed with her Iphone, she explored the towns and natural beauty of this part of Northern California, taking photos and posting her impressions on Facebook.
After several months, Joan's Facebook friends urged her to publish them as a book. With the design assistance of her son Rob and some light editing from a friend (modesty forbids), Joan has published On the Road with the Guv: Exploring Rotary District 5160, which will be available at the District Conference and upcoming Rotary meetings.
The 68-page book contains great photos, interesting anecdotes, and information on the location and schedule of local Rotary club meetings. It's especially useful to Rotarians in our district or to anyone who travels along I-5 and would like to discover the surrounding towns and sights. Cost is $20 (profits go to Polio Plus).
Challenges in East Palo Alto: The Ravenswood Family Health Center
Our Berkeley Rotary Club was honored to welcome back one of our past highly respected members, Luisa Buada. Luisa was a past Berkeley Endowment Chair. She was the founding Executive Director of both Clinicas de Salud in the Salinas Valley and Berkeley Primary Care Access Clinic. She co-founded Life Long Medical Care in Berkeley as part of a merger with Over 60 Health Center in 1996. She participated as a consultant in the development of Ravenswood Family Health Center in East Palo Alto and in November of 2003 became the CEO and has continued in that position until the present. Luisa has earned  many “Hall of Fame” type honors from various organizations in the Bay Area.

In her current role as CEO of Ravenswood, she has had to take her fundraising and management skills to a whole new level. Ravenswood Family Health Center provides a wide range of medical and dental services to “underserved” residents of the East Palo Alto area; 98% of Ravenswood patients live at or below 200% of federal poverty level.  Ravenswood was understaffed and "under-spaced." Luisa led a creative fundraising effort that raised 10s of millions of dollars from individuals, organizations and government agencies to build a state of the art, beautiful and spacious medical facility in East Palo Alto.
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