Mar 29, 2017
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Communications Committee Meeting
hs lordships
Mar 29, 2017
11:15 AM – 12:15 PM
Club Meeting
Mar 29, 2017 12:15 PM
March 18 Work Project : Youth Spirit Artworks
Berkeley Rotarians went to work on Saturday, March 18, at Youth Spirit Artworks on Alcatraz at Adeline, helping to assemble brightly colored furniture for their outdoor patio garden.Youth Spirit Artworks provides jobs and vocational training to homeless and low-income youth using art as the medium.The furniture was purchased through our club grant, and six members of our club helped the students assemble the tables and chairs. Berkeley Rotary at work!
Ted Ockels Society Recognitions
The Ted Ockels Society recognizes cumulative donations made to the Berkeley Rotary Endowment since 2010. It is similar to the Paul Harris fellowships that are given by The Rotary Foundation. At last week's club meeting Beth Roessner and Maxim Schrogin awarded our Ted Ockels Society pins for club members who had donated over $1000 to the club since 2010.With a very large portion of the club receiving awards (61 listed in the BRE annual report) we couldn't get a single picture with all recipients, but here are a few shots to capture the moment.
Continuing to Raise-the-Bar
Each third Wednesday of the month at 11:15 spanking new Rotarians, long-time members, and all those in between are invited--encouraged, in fact--to meet at the bar at Hs. Lordships. We talk about whatever is on people's minds.... exchanging comments and observations and raising questions. We answer some of the questions and raise even more. And we laugh a lot. We call it Raise-the-Bar (RtB). 

At the March 15 Raise-the-Bar session, we focused on communication. New member Eva Gero mentioned that she came to her first RtB session because President-Elect Tina Etcheverry personally invited her (by speaking to her in person! A quaint practice in this Facebook age). We then moved into a wide-ranging discussion of how best to publicize club events in the absence of a personal invitation. We do this through emails, the weekly "e-Rev" newsletter, the lime green paper calendar that Past-President Anne Pardee places on the tables every week, and club announcements from the podium. We'll continue to try every which way to let you know about club meetings and speakers, projects, social events, community-related gatherings, etc. that might be of interest to you. At our RtB gathering, everyone agreed that multiple channels are best, since some people are comfortable accessing an Internet-based communication system and some aren't. Some love email, and some don't. However you like to find out what's going on in the club, we want to make sure you're in the know.  

Austin Henderson talked about the new database that will be replacing our existing Club Runner system during this spring and summer. DACdb (pronounced “dack dee bee,”  short for District and Club Database) is currently live, running parallel with Club Runner, as Communications Committee members work to ensure that its information is “right enough to be useful” and that the practices of using it are established so that it will actually BE useful. It provides complete District membership information as well as being better designed for "ease of use" for all of us, and particularly for us non-technical users. Austin will also be providing the club with DACdb updates and training as we move toward full adoption of the new system.
If you have issues, suggestions, problems, or questions regarding the way the club communicates, the Communications Committee would love to hear from you. Better yet, come to Raise-the-Bar with us. Chances are excellent you'll get hooked!
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