Mar 08, 2017
A Disappearing World: Heritage, Technology, and the United Nations
Mar 15, 2017
Challenges in East Palo Alto: The Ravenswood Family Health Center-A $39m "Green" Building Project
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Request for a Spring Host Family for Marion Blanchard
BRC Friends -
I am still looking for a host family this spring for our French youth exchange student, Marion Blanchard. Marion is a delightful girl. She has had a wonderful stay with her current host family; they are very close and have found Marion to be sweet, adaptable, and conscientious. She is doing very well as a Senior at Berkeley High School where she is earning good grades, making friends, and enjoying riding for the BHS Mountain Bike Club.
Host families do not have to be Rotarians, so please reach out to your neighbors, family, and friends who live in Berkeley. We need someone who has a spare room and the time, energy, and love to host a teenager this spring from mid-March through June 24th. I can share some of these duties if need be, but given our household situation it's best to find another family to serve as hosts.
Please feel free to contact me at 510-710-2050 with any leads or questions. I'm happy to meet with anyone who may be interested in hosting to explain the vetting process and expectations for hosting. It will take a couple of weeks to vet any new family so the sooner the better. Thanks so much for your help!

Exploring New Software for Our Club
As you may know by now, Berkeley Rotary Club is considering aligning with the rest of District 5160 in its computer support for member and committee information. The Communications Committee has created a subcommittee on communications within the club (we call it “Intercom” for internal communications). Intercom is looking into the work required to shift from the existing software (ClubRunner) to the software used (and supported) by District 5160 (DACdb - for District And Club database).
Folks at the district have already included BRC information and made the site available. Intercom is exploring it and will bring the information up-to-date. Right now we are running two member information systems side-by-side, but only one of them is official, that is, connected to Rotary International. In the next few weeks, all members will receive an e-mail (and/or paper) listing their information as we have it in DACdb. We ask members to correct anything that is not right. Note that the information will include your login name and password for accessing the new DACdb site, both from your laptop and also your mobile phone. Stay tuned. If you have concerns or suggestions, please contact anyone on the Intercom committee or send an e-mail to (please put “Rotary” in the subject field to defeat my spam filters).
Egyptian Hieroglyphics Part 2
At the February 15 meeting our speaker was Preston Staley, who gave Part 2 in his history of how Egyptian hieroglyphs had been deciphered. Picking up where he concluded in Part I, he outlined the early 19th century research done by Sylvestre de Sacy, Johan Akerblad, and Thomas Young.  
 Preston culminated his talk with the events immediately preceding Jean-Francois Champollion’s breakthrough.  Unfortunately, once more--to borrow from the Rolling Stones--time was not on his side. However, he did describe how the several threads of research done by the above scholars affected Champollion’s ideas.This was particularly true of the work done by the polymath Thomas Young, whose analysis of the royal names for Ptolemy and Berenice came incredibly close to beating Champollion to his goal.
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