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Community Partners for A Century
Berkeley Rotary is a group of community, business, and professional leaders of all ages—busy people generally, even those who have "retired"—who come together to get to know each other better, stay up to date on what's happening in the community and the world, work together to make things happen to improve the community where we live and communities abroad, and have fun while we're doing all this. 
Our impact upon our local community is significant every year.  Being situated in a cosmopolitan town with a population that travels all over the world and is diverse in ethnicity and culture, Berkeley Rotary is also highly active in international service projects, working jointly with Rotary clubs in other countries.  
We're a club of 130 Rotarian members, 320 Rotaracters (college and post-college) and 40 Interacters (high school). As a club approaching its 100th birthday in 2016-17, we constantly work at reinventing ourselves so we can  serve our community and members better. It works: We were named the best club in our District, which covers much of northern California, a year back.  See more about our service work below in the areas of education, public health, youth programs and building future leaders, water and sanitation, vocational and economic development, and working for peace.
We repair and help upgrade schools at home and abroad, mount literacy support programs for regional special populations and in other countries, and provide local and international scholarships.  We provide hard copy, color-illustrated dictionaries and teach its use to every Berkeley 3rd grader each year in the public schools, and provided the books to the city's national award-winning summer BUILD program, which sustains the literacy gains of K-3 students over the vacation months.  After Hurricane Katrina, we helped the New Orleans Rotary Club rebuild the city's main high school sending African-American students to college, for which we shared in another national award.